Attention Fort McClellan Veterans

If you have been suffering from unexplained ailments it may be a result of your time at Fort McClellan.  For all the information on pending legislation and information on how to submit a VA Compensation Claim specific to your time there please visit the forums linked below.  A very dedicated women by the name of Sue Frasier has been lobbying on our behalf for years now and deserves our thanks.

The Fort McClellan Legislation Project for VA Presumption Status


This site contains photos of my time spent at Fort McClellan, Alabama for boot camp and military police school. The book cover you see below is a photo album that was given to us at graduation. Allot of the photos on this site are from that book.

Training from: September 27, 1985 thru February 5, 1986

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Section I

Photos in this section are of Alpha 10 that came out of the book. Includes pictures of the drill sergeants, the recruits(us), training, etc.

Section II

Photos from the book of the base chain of command and some that were put in as filler for the pages they did not use for our companies photos. Some good shots of the base, parade field, indoctrination and the steps recruits go through during training.

Section III

Photos I took during basic training and military police training. Allot of 4th platoon pictures.

Section IV

Miscellaneous photos I took of the barracks, driving school and base.

Section V

This section contains my digital shadowbox. You may get a little confused when you see it but I did go in to the Coast Guard a couple of years after I had joined the National Guard.